Adverse Weather Procedure

We will always try to stay open whenever possible during periods of adverse weather, including snowfall.  The school will only be closed if one or more of the following conditions apply:

  • Insufficient staff are able to get to school to keep it running safety. This will depend on the location of the staff.
  • Conditions on site are dangerous: driveways, roadways, the car park and pathways are hazardous or there are issues with heating on site, etc.
  • Conditions are considered or anticipated to later become too hazardous for travel for children, parents, visitors and staff alike. The only reason we would have to close is a severe shortage of staff, failure of the heating or water system or hazardous conditions around school.


The decision would not be taken lightly and will only be done after discussions with local schools and Spencer Academies Trust.  If we do have to close, you will be informed via Class Dojo and announcements will be made on Radio Derby. Please avoid ringing school for updates – instead keep checking Class Dojo and if you haven’t heard anything, assume we are open as usual!

In the event of bad weather during the school day, messages will be posted on Class Dojo keeping you informed.  Please note, in extreme circumstances, we may need to close early to ensure all staff can safely get home.

If snow has fallen overnight, we would be really grateful to any parents living nearby who are willing to help us to clear snow, grit and ensure our site is safe for children, parents and staff. If necessary, some of our pathways will be closed and we ask that you all stick to the gritted areas.

Please ensure your child has the correct clothing for school during bad weather: a warm coat, hat, scarf, gloves and their wellies – we love to play outside!

  • Click here to read Derbyshire County Council’s adverse weather policy.